Tara's Healing Retreats

Profound growth experiences to ignite your spirit.

  • Embrace Your Totality: Body, Mind & Soul
  • Nature Immersion at Breathtaking Destinations
  • A Community of Evolutionary Guides

Embrace Your Totality

You are a multidimensional being - physical, mental, energetic, and beyond.

Our retreats provide an alchemical container for you to peel back layers, discover your essence, and unleash your fullest potential.

Through practices like calisthenics, breathwork, and plant medicine ceremonies, you'll reclaim sovereignty over your entire being.



Nature Immersion

These aren't your typical concrete-enclosed experiences. Our retreats immerse you in some of the most awe-inspiring natural settings on the planet.
From misty forests to sun-drenched beaches, the locales we carefully curate catalyze deep remembrance of humanity's symbiosis with the earth. You'll return home with recharged vitality.


Evolutionary Guides

You don't have to traverse the path alone. Our curated team of expert facilitators ignites profound growth while honoring your unique process.
Whether exploring embodied masculinity with elders, overcoming addictions with compassionate psychotherapists, or awakening creativity through shamanic visioning - each guide is a beacon of authentic transformation.

Retreat Destinations


Tulum, Mexico
Our life-changing retreats in the breathtaking paradise of Tulum, Mexico, help you embrace your authentic masculinity or femininity, explore plant medicines, and work through trauma and addictions under expert guidance.
Rejuvenate and build empowering habits with yoga, cold exposure, breathwork, and old school Calisthenics workouts.
The wonderful members of Tara's Friends Network are here to help you create lasting connections in this nurturing sanctuary for personal evolution.
Coming in 2024


San Diego, USA
Soak up the endless sunshine and laid-back vibes of San Diego, where you can surf the iconic Pacific waves, explore the city's rich Hispanic heritage, and engage in enriching activities provided by numerous members of our professional network.
Discover the perfect balance of urban excitement and coastal serenity in this California paradise.


Skellefteå, Sweden
Bask in the ethereal beauty of the subarctic landscapes in Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland, where you can witness the mesmerizing northern lights, midnight sun, and connect with the deeper purpose of your existence.
Bring the mesmerizing serenity of endless scandinavian forests into your daily life.

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Charante, France
Explore the picturesque countryside dotted with medieval villages and vineyards.
Star a new, better chapter of your life whilst immersed in the rich cultural heritage and laid-back lifestyle of this quintessential French paradise.
TBA in collaboration with Cosmic Truffles


Cusco, Peru
Allow sacred entheogens under expert guidance connect you with yourself, others, and the whole of creation at our sacred Cusco retreats.
Explore mystical ancient sites like Sacsayhuaman amidst the majestic Andes.

Yelapa, Mexico
For more info about the sustainable hotel project and to support the local community in the breath-taking and pristine location at the west coast of mexico, please visit
TBA in collaboration with INDALO Yelapa

Co-Create Profound Experiences

Feel called to collaborate in curating transformational journeys? We welcome aligned healers, teachers and businesses to co-craft retreats under the Tara's Healing Retreats umbrella. Let's blend our visions into magic.

Interested in custom group retreats? Our team specializes in crafting transcendent experiences for your community or organization. Connect with us below.

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