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  • We are launching our online courses officially in 2024.
  • Online and physical personal coaching sessions with founder, Elvis, are available on demand now
  • In person classes and sessions are being currently held in Tulum, MX.
Services & Courses

Tara Vitality: Health & Wellness Mastery Course

Are you ready to alter your life's path towards optimal health and fitness? Tara Vitality's Health & Wellness Mastery Course offers an all-inclusive guide to wellness, designed for beginners and tailored to your unique needs.



Dedee Jebrail

"I am so happy I joined the Tara Vitality personal training program. Elvis is not only inspiring but has great knowledge and set me on path moving forward to better my health and wellbeing.

He worked with me to create a diet and exercise plan that works with my busy schedule. Elvis continued to work with me after to answer my questions as I need help."


Kes Bhatti

"As a personal trainer, Elvis' ability is second to none. With a focus on functional fitness, he is able to do things that leave people in awe. As a client it is inspiring for a personal trainer to not only give direction, but to be involved in the training as an example. I feel that his attention to detail when it comes to physiological knowledge and correct form allows his numerous clients to see and feel results, regardless of their fitness level.
I would highly recommend Elvis in any capacity, and believe that his wealth of knowledge is something he should be given an opportunity to share with others."



Mohammed Afzal

"I would like to express my view on Elvis Tadlanek as an athlete. His physical ability is absolutely unique, I have seen him perform his physical display at the Martial Arts Show and was blown away with the physical strength, balance, control he had and the way he did that with flair... I was in awe of and most of the audience that night.

He is a pleasant individual who is positive, full of energy and has zest for life, he is very helpful and always willing to work with people. I wish him luck for the future."

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Course Description

Our Health & Wellness Mastery Course is meticulously designed for those at the onset of their wellness journey. From understanding the power of the mind, demystifying nutrition, to exploring effective training methods, we've got you covered.

Dive into various topics such as real food vs food-like products, hormonal optimization, and the intricacies of cardio and resistance training.

Moreover, explore methods to further enhance your life quality, with lessons on effective breathing techniques, the therapeutic connection with nature, and the science behind good sleep.

Why Choose Tara Vitality?

At Tara Vitality, we prioritize your holistic well-being. Our approach isn't just about fitness; it's about cultivating a mindset, fostering community spirit, and embracing a lifestyle that resonates with balance and purpose.

With a blend of expert insights and a supportive community, we provide an environment that nurtures growth, inspiration, and transformative change.

Choosing Tara Vitality means committing to a journey where every step is purposeful, every lesson is impactful, and every achievement is celebrated.


Benefits Beyond Fitness

Our Health & Wellness Mastery Course offers more than just physical fitness tips. It's a gateway to understanding your body, mind, and soul. As you progress through the course, you'll discover:

Mindful Nutrition: Understand the essence of what you consume, how it affects your body, and the significance of mindful eating.

Emotional Well-being: Learn the connection between physical health and mental resilience. Harness techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and foster a positive outlook.

Community Spirit: Engage with like-minded individuals who uplift, support, and inspire. Share experiences, challenges, and victories.

Lifestyle Adaptations: Imbibe habits that don't just improve physical health but elevate your overall life quality. From sleep patterns to nature walks, every aspect counts.

What You Will Get

Comprehensive Online Course




Engage with self-paced videos, each under 10 minutes, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.

One-on-One Sessions

Personalized online consultations tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Vibrant Community Access




Connect, share, and learn with like-minded individuals. Stay motivated and accountable through group chats and community hangouts. Look forward to our special guest experts in live sessions.

24/7 Direct Support




Have a query? Reach out to your instructor anytime via our chosen messaging app.

Customized Plans




Receive meal and training plans tailored just for you.

Exclusive Discounts




Enjoy significant discounts on all future Tara Vitality services and courses, as well as for our range of existing products.

Referral Program




Get access to "Tara's Friends", an expert referral program across various fields.

Shape The Course




Your feedback matters! Help us refine and enhance the course content.

Ready to Transform? Book a free consultation at a time to suit your schedule

Dive into a journey of self-discovery, health, and wellness. Tara Vitality awaits you, eager to guide you every step of the way.

Book an appointment now and embark on your path to mastery.

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